Now offering custom designed banners! 40 sizes available.

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for the support so far.  We are glad to say the company is expanding and continuously growing thanks to all of your orders!

We are now offering up to 40 different size banners online for immediate purchase.  Available sizes range from as small as a 2’x2’ banner, up to a 5’x20’.  Feel free to upload your own file or for a nominal fee, we will work with you to create your very own custom vinyl banner design.  Banners are a great, inexpensive way to promote your next event or product available.

Our banners are latex printed with the greenest ink set available on the market. Latex banners are more scratch and fade resistant than the traditional eco-sol or solvent printed banners with a much smaller footprint on the Earth.  We only use the finest banner material to produce our images as Fuse Prints is all about the quality of the end product, which is offered at a very reasonable rate.  The banner material we use is called Ultraflex Ultima Pro 13oz Vinyl Scrim.  This material is super durable and has a very smooth printing surface compared to most 13oz vinyl scrim materials that the majority of companies use.

Banners are not made to be used for a permanent signage but we do want you to get best longevity out of your banner, so combined with the superb material and ink sets we use, we hem all of the edges of your banner and add metal eyelet grommets every 2’ around the perimeter of your custom printed banner.  Most online print companies do not offer a hemmed edge, which is fine, but will certainly limit the life of the banner.  When you hem all of the edges of a banner, then punch a metal eyelet through the material, you are given the grommet 2 times the thickness of the material to grab on to.  This means your banner will have an extreme amount of strength compared to not hemming the edges and punching the grommet through one layer of material.  Grommets that only punch through one layer of material will eventually tear your banner.  This is the main difference between your banner weathering  through a thunderstorm and high winds or not.  Hemming your banner and installing the metal eyelets are all included in the cost of the banner, which you can shop for right now by clicking here.

In addition to the custom designed and printed banners, we also offer some already designed banners where you can select the font family you want, add text to the banner, and we will design it to your order specs and send it over for you to view and approve prior to printing.  Choosing from a predesigned banner will save you the design fee that is associated with producing a custom vinyl banner.  We are always uploading different templets to choose from and our library is growing!  You can shop our pre-designed templates by clicking here.

To finalize this blog, we just wanted to describe some of the multiple uses custom printed vinyl scrim banners can be used for such as:

Birthday Banners

Graduation Banners

Now Open Banner

Event Banners

Trade Show Banners

Wedding Banners

Exterior Banners

Coming Soon Banners

Interior Banners


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blogs.  We try to give you the best information we can so you can make an accurate and insightful purchase where you will certainly be impressed with the quality.  As always, if you ever have any questions, please pick up the phone and call us at 877.575.3873, submit a quote request online, or email us directly at

Thanks again!

Fuse Prints