How to Determine Material Type

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There are multiple questions you should ask yourself when determining what type of material you may need for your printed graphics.  It’s important to spend time thinking of how you will be using the graphic since the type of material is factored into the cost of the graphic of course.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right print material:

    1) Will your graphic or sign be used indoors or outdoors?

    2) How long do you need the graphic to last?  Is it permanent or temporary?

    3) What type of surface will your graphic be applied to? An existing fixture or a new surface such as a rigid sign?

    4) Do you want the graphic to have a smooth surface or to have a texture?

    5) Does it need to be adhesive?

   6) Does it need laminated?

Once you answer the majority of these questions, reach out to us and we can help determine the best custom print solution!  We can offer recommendations based on our experience and provide guidance to help you achieve the custom signage you are looking for.  If you are unsure of exactly what you are looking for, it is important to have a budget in mind because there are many different types of solutions.  This will allow us to recommend specific print materials and options to fit within your print budget.  Reach out today to see if we can help you with a custom print project!  We offer banners, wall decals, stickers, photography backdrops, trade show graphics, table sashes, feather signs, canvas, and other custom signage!  Check out our Gallery and Shop page for some of our products.  You can also view more products in our Etsy Shop!