How to Determine Decal Sizes

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Decals have various uses: as promotional stickers to hand out, sell as a profitable product, promote using vehicle or store decals, or as a wall graphic.  Decals come in all shapes and sizes, so the easiest way for you to communicate your ideal decal size, would be in square inches. 

How do I Determine the Square Inches of the Decal?

To determine the square inches of your decal, simply take the width and multiply it by the height, that's it.  For example, if you want a decal that is 4” wide by 3” tall, the overall square inches of a decal that size would be 12 (4”x3”=12”).

Your custom printed decals can be any shape or size.  Some decals can be ordered on our online shop, as long as the overall square inches does not exceed 36”. If you need a decal bigger than 36” or have any questions on the process, feel free to send us an email at or call 877-575-3873.

Our decals are latex printed on a premium calendared vinyl.  One of our digital vinyl plotters will then kiss cut the material, cutting through the vinyl in the desired shape you wish. Once completed, they will be packaged and shipped to you.