How the Printing Process Works

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Do you have a vision for your next event, but are unsure of where to start with printed graphics?  Maybe you have only ever used your home office printer or ordered some business cards online and don’t exactly know the endless capabilities of a commercial or large format print shop.  Maybe you know what you want, but you just don’t know how to get started on the process.  Whatever the question may be, we’re here to help! That’s where our business name comes from – we take your vision + our creativity and technology and fuse them together to create one final masterpiece!

So How Does the Printing Process Work?

There’s the obvious, straight-forward answer, you place your order and receive your prints, but there are a few key steps before and in-between!  The below points refer to the steps for making the printing process run as smoothly as possible:

1)      Brainstorm ideas and come up with a theme or vision for the event

a.       Do you have a specific message you want to get across to your audience? We suggest you get with your brand team to ensure you are conveying the right messages.

b.       Do you have specific graphics, logos, colors, graphics, or company guidelines to follow?

c.       Do you know which graphics and messages you want displayed on each printed graphic?

d.       Research themes, image graphics, and messaging to provide to a Graphic Designer

e.       Do you have a tradeshow booth where you envision custom displays, banners, and table throws?

2)      If you don’t have a Graphic Designer, it’s best to have a guideline with example images, high resolution logo files, potential event layout, and your vision details to provide to the printing company so the design/production process runs smoothly

a.       Set up some time to discuss your initiative, budget, and share your brainstorming vision

b.       Determine which materials and substrates will be needed to complete your look

c.       Once you’re on the same page, the Graphic Designer/Production Coordinator will discuss turnaround times to ensure production deadlines are met in time for your event

d.       If you already have the print-ready image, then a call or email to discuss the output will be sufficient enough

3)      Depending on the agreed upon terms, there will be various graphic drafts to choose from based on the initial brainstorming session.  Once the file design is completed and both parties agree to the final output, a proof will be sent to you (the client) for approval. 

a.       Once the files are approved, the graphics are ready for print

b.       If needed, there may be a bleed line within the file to ensure the image is carried over and does not get cut off in the cutting process.  The files will specify if there is a bleed line.

4)      Once the files are printed, laminated, and/or cut, they are packaged for shipping, delivery, or installation.

5)      The last step is where you receive the graphics and have a successful event!

The brainstorming, designing, proofing, and printing process can sometimes be a lengthy process with lots of back and forth to get your vision just right.  We understand that you are trying to convey the perfect message to your audience and we try to achieve exactly what you are envision with quality and your budget in mind!  So what do you say, let’s start the fusion process today!