How to submit good resolution photos for printing.

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Photo Quality

Do you have a photo that you want printed, but are unsure of the quality?  This is one of our top concerns from our customers.  Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when submitting your original photo:

Always use the Original Photo from the Original Device

To obtain the best print quality, you MUST have the original photo for us to use.  Any photos that were altered in an added app, posted to social media, snapchat images, "screenshots" of photos, or photos sent via text will not print with the best resolution.  When trying to print these images, the resolution is so poor that the photos turn out blurry and grainy. 

Submitting Photos Captured by Smartphone Cameras

Cell phone cameras today are able to produce and capture high quality images; the pixels on most smartphones display such crisp images!  To make sure we get the best quality image from your phone, always email the photo, whether you are emailing from your smartphone to your computer to upload, or straight to  Whenever you text a photo, your phone automatically downsizes the image to send in a multimedia message.  If you email directly from your smartphone, your email allows you to upload a larger file size.  If you don't have email on your smartphone, you can always plug your device into a USB, connect it to your computer and upload/send it that way.

Submitting Photos Captured by Digital Camera

This is the easiest way to get a high quality photo to us - simply upload the image to your computer via USB and send it to us directly or upload on our website:

Submitting Photos Captured by Professional Photographer

Sometimes you are provided with a thumbnail image or a website with access to all of your photos.  These thumbnails and images are not always the largest size.  If you find an image you would like to order, make sure you request it from your professional photographer and let he or she know that you plan on having it printed.  If possible, advise them of the print size, so they can send you best resolution file size.

If you have concerns on your photo's quality before submitting your order, please reach out to us for help: