Summer Photo Contest

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Photo Contest

Thank you!  As an appreciation to our supporters, we like to give back! We surprise our Social Media followers with photo contests. The contestant with the most likes on our Instagram, wins a free product with their original photo printed on it!  In past photo challenges, we have awarded contestants with stretched canvas and/or posters.  Usually, the contests are focused around a holiday or season.  This month we asked our followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to snap photos over the July 4th holiday weekend.  The July contest won't have a theme to it, so any photo entries will qualify!

July Photo Contest

So how can you enter?  We'll share some quick tips below, but for exact participant directions as to how to enter your photo, follow our profile on Instagram, @fuseprints.  We always want to be fair to our contestants, so we host the challenge on our profile.  What fun would it be if someone with over 1,000 followers tried entering a photo on their profile, compared to someone with 200 followers? Odds are the profile with over 1k followers would win with the most likes.  If @fuseprints posts the photos, uses the same hashtags across all entries, and posts at the same time, it makes for a more even playing field.  We definitely want to give a fair chance to all of our followers!

For entries this month, we're going to try something a little different. Instead of tagging us in your photos, let's try emailing them to us.  Send all of your images to  Make sure you send us the original photo so if you win, we will already have the highest resolution image to print for you.  We will also need a second original photo ONLY if you win this month, since we are giving away TWO posters to the lucky winner.  For tips on sending us the original photo, check out our previous post: How to submit good resolution photos for printing.  We will post your photo to our profile page and you can start sending your friends and family to our page to "like" your photo! 

Check out our Instagram account for detailed instructions and submission dates!  Good luck!