Here at Fuse Prints, we have the ability to create all kinds of wall and window graphics. These graphics can be used for storefront advertisement, in-store point of purchase, interior or exterior branding or simply decorations for your home or office. Depending on your application, we have a couple of different types of vinyl to choose from in order to achieve the best solution based on your need:

Removable Repositionable Vinyl – this vinyl is best utilized for interior use only. It is a 6mil low tack adhesive vinyl, which means it is very easy for applying and removing. If you have an area in your store or office that you would like to constantly change your graphics or branding based on marketing campaigns or seasonal decorations, then this would be your best option. This vinyl can also be used on the exterior of windows, but it will have a very limited life length.

Calendared Vinyl – this vinyl is best utilized in an exterior scenario but will work just as well if not longer in an interior environment. Whether you are looking for window or storefront decals, vehicle graphics, bumper stickers, promotional decals, or cut vinyl lettering, this vinyl would have you covered. This vinyl will last in outside conditions for 5-6 years. We can produce your decals or stickers and contour cut them to any shape and size. This vinyl is often categorized as a permanent vinyl as it has a much higher tack adhesive than that of the removable repositionable vinyl. Permanent did you say? That sounds pretty scary, so what if I want to replace my image after 2 years? No problem, you can actually remove this vinyl, but it will just be a little more difficult and could potentially damage the surface during removal. For instance, when removing the graphic from glass or a vehicle, the surface will not be damaged. However; if this was applied to a drywall, you would certainly remove the paint and possibly the paper face of the drywall during removal of the graphic.

Perforated Window Vinyl – Have you ever been driving behind a pickup truck that has a printed graphic covering the whole back window? Typically you will see them as a very patriotism based graphic with an American flag and bald eagle flying about. This is called perforated window vinyl and allows the driver of the vehicle to see out, while the person viewing it from the outside cannot see in, creating privacy. Not only is this vinyl great for back windows of vehicles, it is also great for storefronts. We can apply this to the exterior windows of a storefront to create a very unique look that offers great branding and privacy. Perforated window film even helps conserve your energy bill. How does it do that? When applied to windows that receive direct sunlight, the vinyl will actual deter the sunlight from shining in the facility, thus keeping it cooler and helping your energy bill.

Laminated Vinyl – laminated vinyl simply has an additional layer of clear vinyl applied over top of the printed image. Lamination comes in two finishes, matte or gloss. How do I know if my image needs laminated? The use of your graphic would determine if you need lamination or not. Lamination offers further UV protection for the inks. A typical non-laminated graphic will last in direct sunlight for 2-3 years before the printed colors start to fade. A non-laminated latex printed graphic is also categorized as being scratch resistant, which brings me to my next point. Adding a laminate protects the ink completely, making it scratch proof. Don’t be fooled by the “scratch resistant” term. Think of it like a wrist watch, if the watch manufacturer states that the watch is “water resistant,” would you deem it wise to swim in a lake with the watch on all day? I hope not. Scratch resistant does not mean scratch proof.

Not sure which vinyl material your graphic should be printed on? Are you unsure if your adhesive decal needs to be laminated or not? Let us know what it is you are trying to accomplish and we will give you our professional opinion.

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