Wall Murals

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Have you ever dreamed of looking at a beautiful scenic view right in your own house or workspace?  Well now you can!  We can print any graphic, any size on our removable/repositionable wall vinyl.  Now you can turn your daughter’s bedroom into a magical palace or your son’s bedroom into a cool tree bungalow. We utilize our wide format latex printer to image amazing and vibrant wall graphics and wall murals.  The adhesive vinyl is very durable, easy to handle and simple to install.

So what defines a wall mural?

A wall mural is a graphic that is either printed or painted on a wall that completely covers the wall from left edge to right edge, top to bottom.  Here at Fuse Prints, we are all about the do-it-yourself approach, which is why our wall murals are latex printed on a removable repositionable vinyl.  What this means is that the vinyl is very easy to work with and install.  When installing the vinyl, if you were to get a wrinkle or you accidently apply the graphic crooked, gently peel the vinyl back up and re-apply, hence the term “removable repositionable vinyl.”

How does it work?

Measure the area you intend on installing your wall graphic; you will need the height along with the width.  We highly recommend going with the “measure twice, cut once” approach to ensure that your wall adhesive vinyl will be produced to the accurate size.  Once you have the measurement in inches, multiple the width by the height to determine the total overall square inches.  Example: a wall measuring 120”wide x 96” tall would have 11,520 total square inches.  Once you have the total square inches figured out please click this link (  ) and select from the dropdown menu on the right and choose the correct selection in which you wall size falls in.  Example:  you would select the “9,000 – 14,400” and the price calculator will automatically be updated to display the adjusted cost based on your selection.  Select the file upload button on the right and upload a photo from your computer’s library. We highly recommend uploading the native file produced with the device used to capture the image.  “Please speak English!”

Wall Decal Example

If you are placing your order using a desktop/laptop computer and the image you want to upload was taken with a cell phone then you need to upload the image from your cell phone to achieve the best print resolution and quality.  The same would apply if the image you want to upload was taken with a digital camera.  Plug your cell phone or SD camera card into your desktop/laptop computer.  Click upload button then browse for the file you want and upload.

If you are placing your order using a cellphone, then simply click upload and browse your phone’s photo library and select the image you want.

Once your order is received we will send you a layout/proof of your graphic.  We will also send 12”x12” file to show what the graphic resolution will look like when scaled up and printed full size.  Should you not like the quality, you will be given the choice to upload a new file.  Our amazing graphics department will work with you from start to proof approval to ensure you receive exactly what you are paying for. We do not print anything until we receive an email stating “PROOF IS APPROVED.”  We are not like other online printing companies that will simply take the file you uploaded, blow it up, and print it whether it looks good or not.  We will give you our honest opinion and let you choose for yourself.  Fuse Prints believes in quality graphics and customer satisfaction!

Ok but how do I install this?

This is the scary part right?  No it’s not, it is the fun part!  Your overall wall mural will be printed in panels or vertical sections.  Our printers are 60” wide and can print vertical panels up to 58” wide by however tall.  So if your wall is 120” wide and 96” high then your wall graphics would be delivered in 3 sections measuring 40”x96.”  The panels will be individually labeled with a printed schematic provided to ensure it is installed in the correct order.  We will add a 1” wide overlap on both the left and right side of each panel to allow you to line the graphic up accurately.  We also add a 1” SAFE BLEED around the entire perimeter of the wall graphic to ensure the entire wall area is covered.

We also have setup videos on our YouTube channel for you to watch a demo installation video which further explains some great installation tips and tricks for a smooth installation.  Click here ( ) to watch now.